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Pastor Jeff and Kathy

Pastor Jeff and Kathy

Jeff was born in Brooklyn, NY.  As a long-haired Jewish hippy searching for answers during the turbulent times of the 60’s and early 70’s he was introduced to Dr. Michael Silverburg, a fellow Jew who eventually led him to receive Jesus (Yeshua) as his Messiah. Nine months later he ended up at a place called Lighthouse Ranch in Northern California, a Christian Community called Gospel Outreach. It was there that God revealed his plans and purpose’s for his life.

In the winter of 1979, Jeff met his wife Kathy in Santa Cruz, CA.  The Lord directed them to her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In April of 1981 they became involved in outreach to the Jewish People.  Jeff was asked to become the Staff Evangelist for Good News for Israel, a Mid-West evangelistic ministry to the Jewish people.

In 1993 they were called to move to Pittsburgh, PA where they have had a fruitful ministry leading many Jewish people to faith in Yeshua by God’s grace and anointing.  In time, the Lord miraculously opened the door for them to meet in Squirrel Hill, the heart of Pittsburgh’s Jewish community. Pastor Jeff is the local representative for Chosen People Ministries – the oldest Messianic Jewish ministry around.  Jeff and Kathy have been married 35 years and have two children, Rachel and Joshua.



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